On The Road to Verona

Ravenna, Rimini, San Marino, and now Verona.  Where is Bubba going?  Right now he is bouncing around the north and east sections of Italy.  Those places are a little off the beaten path for most Americans, in fact we met very few Americans in our travels.  Most people stick to the well known spots but, if you are in the area (Venice), it would be a mistake not to carve out a few days to see the Roman and early Christian sites nearby.  They are sometimes just a short train ride away.  When we last left Bubba, he was going to hop a train while we took a car.  He instead decided to come with us.  Mostly he travels with us because he doesn’t walk far without being carried.

            Near the train station and across a very modern bridge is the bus station.  I use that term loosely as it is really just a big confusion called a parking lot with a ticket kiosk.  We bought our tickets and the attendant waved in the general direction of where we needed to stand to wait for the bus.  An Italian bus can be a borderline thrill ride.  It always adds a little suspense when you are not quite sure if you are on the right bus.  We took the bus to the airport where arrangements had been made for a rental car.  After Monaco, no one would allow me to drive so I sat on the dashboard.  I thought Rick and Spider were being very nice to me because they put a big screen TV on the dash next to me.  The show was kind of boring as it only had one channel and that seemed to just be a map.  Then I got a shock.  IT WAS ALIVE!!  Yes, it spoke and they called it by name, Kate.  Kate was very rude and did not reply to any of my questions.  She seemed determined to tell everyone where to go.  She would say things like, “In 300 feet, turn left.”  About halfway to our destination we all decided to take a look at the countryside.  We took a small road and Kate went wild.  She kept telling Rick to turn around and go back.  Finally they pulled her plug and wandered happily and quietly through the countryside and through a couple of small villages.  A little lost and wanting to get on with the ride, they plugged the aloof lady Kate, back in.  I think she was defiantly upset.  There was a hint of anger with undertones of revenge in her voice.  She sent us down one road and up another.  Soon we were climbing up a narrow road going up a small mountain.  Still she maintained, “Keep going straight,” in that superior tone of hers.  Finally a large iron gate barred the way with a huge sign saying “proprietà privata” We were stuck and I do believe I heard Kate chuckle.  Rick began a long drive backwards down the hill for about one mile.  I took matters into my own hands and settled the score with Kate.

I had to get all medieval on her case.  She behaved after that and took us straight to our hotel.

Another adjustment and she got us to the correct hotel, a former monastery outside the city of Verona. 

Staying at this hotel was another, more sedate bunch of motorcycle fanatics.  The roar of their bikes starting up was…well…not quite what we heard in Pisa.

The horns were downright embarrassing.  That night we found a “Brewpub” named Birreria BEFeD.  I’m not quite sure what the name means but they had a sort of fried chicken and a sort of Irish Red beer.

After a few pints I got separated from Rick and Spider and tried to find my own way back to the room.  I couldn’t find it but found a nice place in a town called Pescantina.  The room wasn’t much and the TV had only one channel again that seemed to be about underwater exploration.

I only hope that I can find them again.