Lost at the Salton Sea

     Bubba ran off towards what he thought were big fans but were, in fact, wind turbines.  He became lost in the desert.

     I wandered for days until I finally found civilization.  Look!  Wonderful lakefront property!  What a price!  What a view!

     I found a used car lot and bought a nice buggy that, for some reason, looked familiar.  I thought I would go for a spin to see the Salton Sea.

     This spot had a great boat ramp and a yacht club.  They will build a dock later when the yachts arrive, I guess.

     It is a great lake with plenty of fish of a species that swim slowly on their backs, belly up.  People here are very generous, too, and leave spare car parts laying around in case someone needs them. 

     The yacht club put up this elaborate security fence to protect the yachts when they come, after they build the dock.  I headed off to see the rest of this paradise.  I had a great time driving in the sand but felt like I was being followed.


     I leapt out of the car and turned on the beast.  This one was worse than the one in Mendocino.

     I faced the beast and put up a brave and desperate fight.  He beat a hasty retreat, zooming off into the sand dunes.  I won…sort of.

     I hoofed it back towards town.  I was eventually rescued by a hearty band of explorers who treated me to a tasty beverage and listened to my tales of adventure.  They are movie stars, right?

     I went downtown to try and find some more celebrities.  Right off the bat, I saw that famous race car driver going by in his sporty red car.

     And isn’t that the famous couple they call Brangolia or Bradgolina or something?

     And that beautiful actress that is in all the tabloids.

     I went to the street fair that night and had a great time.  I have to apologize for the next picture.  I was trying to get a photo of the last Governor of California (I think) sitting in a chair and this distinguished looking guy kept getting in the way.  I have no idea who he is.

     When I left home, Rick and Spider were packing.  If they are heading out, I’ll hitch a ride with them.

     Let’s see where the next trip will take us.