Lost World of Pompeii

I kind of like this Italy place.  I may have to look around to see if there are any homes I can either rent or buy.  This house looks okay from the outside.

Curb Appeal

It may be a fixer upper and looks like it was built a few years ago.  Kind of a mid century modern thing.  Mid second century that is.  I’ll have a look inside.

Inside the dome

Quite roomy, with space to entertain my friends.  Oh, Oh, I see a problem.  It needs a new roof.  There is a big hole in it that lets in too much light.

The Eye

I’ll keep looking.  It looks like they are building some new homes in this neighborhood.  They have just started construction on the columns of the clubhouse.

Urban Renewal

This looks like an up and coming neighborhood.

Old Hood

This might just be an apartment house under construction.  You can see they haven’t finished the top.  I think I could fit in here.


Dressed for battle

I’ll take a look inside.  This might work out.  Plenty of space for some nice digs.

Inside the Colosseum

I’ve heard if you are interested in a new home, you should visit the area at night to see if there are any problems.  So I snuck into the construction site at midnight.  If there are ghosts, they live here.  It is pretty spooky and I could swear I heard a lion roar.

Night Terrors

Maybe this isn’t the place for me.  Time to run, there is a shadow on the wall but I can’t see anyone casting it.  I hope it is the neighborhood watch.  I think I may have to leave town.

Shadow Warrior

Before I leave Rome, there is one more ritual I must attend to.  Not the Gelato thing, I already did that to excess.  This tradition says if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, you will return.  I shall return to Rome.  It is a city that holds centuries of sights and would take a lifetime to fully explore.  I’m chuckin’ my money into the fountain.

Bubba Trevi

Heading south, I came across a big mountain with smoke coming from the top.  A barbeque!  I haven’t had pork ribs in a long time.  I found a sign, pointing the way.


I think it belongs to a guy named Vesuvius.  There is a road that goes up pretty far.  The problem is that it narrows as you go up and there really isn’t a good turn around.  It can get a little crowded at the end of the road.


I can fix this.  I’ll do a little traffic direction and straighten it all out.


Maybe it is time to climb the mountain and look for the Weber Grill at the top.

The view from up here is great but the smoke had died down and I can’t smell any BBQ masterpieces.

View from the Top


All I could find was this hole in the ground with steam at the edges.

Big Hot Hole

I’m not too sure about this, that smoke coming from the side of the crater is making me nervous.  Maybe it is time to just back out and go to a safer place.

Steam Vents

I found this nice place down the road.  You can still see the mountain but it seems plenty far away.  What could happen here?  The name of the town is Pompeii.

View of Disaster Mtn

This nice man is a tour guide and said he would show me around.  He even gave me a radio and a headset to use.

Guide at Pompeii

I kind of like this place.  I might just settle down here.  It seems to have wide streets and sturdy buildings.

Streets of the City

A gated community.  Looks good.

Gates to the New House

A nice theater.

Cheap Seats

Maybe the park needs a little restoration.

City Center

I’m not sure what goes on in this store and maybe I’m too young to find out.

Ad Space

Some of the other residents don’t seem to be in great shape so I guess I’ll skip this place as a vacation home.

Body in the Box

I’m not ready for this kind of retirement community yet.  I’ll head north again.


My thought was to take a train to Rome.  That was the plan at least.  I took a look at the ticket machine and it said something about Firenze and Novella.  My handy on-line translator said that meant Florence’s book so off I went to go see a lady about a book.

Not a Library

I walked around a little, ate at the Mickey D’s de Firenze across from the train station and started to feel like I had been here before.  I rounded a corner and…HEY!  This ain’t Rome!  This is Florence!  I got off at the wrong station!  There are no books here, why did they call it a novella?


Bubba and Italian Popo

I might have said it a little too loud.  These nice Officers guided me back to the train station and helped me get out of town.

Disclaimer:  We don’t photoshop any Bubba pictures but maybe, just maybe, we did this time.

I made it to Rome and hailed a taxi.  He spoke Italian, I spoke English.  I told him I needed a room for the night.  He looked blank.  I said I needed a Hotel.  He took me on a wild ride and pulled up in front of a Hotel with a “No Vacancy” sign.  “No, I need a hotel with a vacancy.”  A wall of stare.  “Vacancy, Vacancy!!”  A smile broke out on his face and we took a wild ride in his taxi.  Drivers in Rome have a particular style.  The windows must be down so as to facilitate communication with other drivers and a minimum of one hand must always be in motion to assist in the communication.  Since one hand is on the wheel (maybe) and one hand is in the air, signaling is not possible although somehow horn honking is possible and mandatory.  I’ve got this Roman driving thing worked out.  Foot firmly on the gas, yell and wave to the other drivers and all right turns must start in the left lane.  Everything stays in motion (including the camera) and everyone ignores the Traffic Policeman performing ballet.


We arrived at our destination.  I think he may have misunderstood the English word, “vacant” for something else.


I started to ask these guys for directions but something about their pointy sticks kept me away.

Swiss Sirs

For a tiny country, this place is pretty big.  I either needed directions or a map.  Eventually I found a Bubba sized 3D overview of the place.Vatican Model

Now I can see the sights.

            Bubba is a fun guy but there are times when a “Bubba Selfie” may not be appropriate, even for him. He usually keeps his head down in places of worship, especially the Vatican.   He was able to see some great sights while preserving the solemn nature of the buildings.

Big Guy Tomb

Behind glass


That was all good but I really didn’t find the one thing I was looking for.  I need that one, enlightening experience that sends my soul to a new level.  I found these two guys who happened to be specialists in exactly what I needed.

Fathers in Training

They provided me with a path to that which I was seeking.

No lie.  These two were great and did give us an enthusiastic recommendation for the next destination.

I made this a place of pilgrimage sometimes twice a day during my time in Rome.

Ummmm Gelato

Don’t mess with my Gelato.