Ok Rt 66

     Oklahoma has some pristine portions of old Route 66 still intact.  When the newer, bigger roads were built, these stretches were left behind.  Now many serve to access the old farms and the homes of the past.  They make their way, unspoiled, through the quiet countryside.  The 66 remnants in this area are often straight with small concrete curbs at the edges. 

     Driving on these roads is like taking a Sunday drive that lasts for about a month.  You feel as though you are a million miles and several decades removed from the present world.  Bubba started getting thirsty and…well…I’ll let him tell you the rest.

     We were getting a little parched.  We had to find a place to grab a quick drink.  You can’t be too picky on old remote roads like this so we decided that we would stop at the first place we saw that even looked like they might have any kind of beverage.  We came across this place and thought maybe it would have some soda pop.  I don’t know what the clue was, maybe just a feeling.

     Yes, it does have ANY kind of beverage.  You can shop by brand or shop by color.  I drank a bottle of this, a bottle of that, and WOW, look at how many varieties of Jolt they have!!  Maybe I had a little too much sugar and caffeine or maybe there was a special soda hidden in there but all of a sudden the colors were starting to get to me.

     Back on the road it wasn’t long before I had to stop and use the facilities to get rid of some of this excess liquid.  Bathrooms can be few and far and it was getting urgent.  I think maybe the local police were aware of this and did their best to slow me down.

     We took them at their word and, sure enough, there was an Officer, all dressed up in his blue uniform, with a speed camera.

     Not wanting a repeat of the Kansas encounter, we backed off the speed a little.  We finally found a rest stop in Oklahoma City at the Will Rogers Theater and Sushi Restaurant.  Raw fish in the middle of Oklahoma sounded fresh and tasty but we decided to pass on lunch. 

     Instead we stopped at this place.  It looks like they might have milk here.  The road nibbled at the building until this was all that was left.  There was a man walking on the corner and the City was nice enough to put a sign there to explain that he was a man walking on the corner.


     They didn’t have an empty table so we stopped off for a gourmet meal at this place instead.  It has a four star Michelin rating.


     Maybe it was a four tire Michelin rating.  We placed our order and the waiter went into the back.  We heard a gunshot and in no time we had a nice big plate of “chicken” with a big plate of “more” on the side.

 After that meal we all had to take a break.