A Corner in Winslow Arizona


           We last left Bubba in the Painted Desert.  A car drove past with his long lost Millie biding him a fond farewell.  As we rejoin him, we find him back on the search along Route 66.

            I ran off to find Millie and came across this house.  Maybe she left a sign.  I looked around and found a footprint on a rock.

New Home

Big Foot

            Then I saw this disturbing picture.  Was that Millie being carried off by a large bird?

Millie Stork

            And what did all this mean?

Big Story

            I guess if I would have read my Painted Desert and Petrified Forest guide book I would have seen that there are quite a few petroglyphs in the area.  I though the Petrified Forest was a Humphrey Bogart film and petroglyph was a gas additive.  These things date back about a thousand years.  What other old things are around here. 

            WHOA!  Don’t get off the bus lady!

Bus to Hell

            No wonder the wood is petrified.  I’m pretty scared too.  Too late for the lady, she traded the bus ride for something else.

Bad Barney

Dyno Ride


            One of the requirements for a drive down route 66 is a suspension of belief or even reason.  Businesses will do anything to get the passer bys to stop and take a look.  Since the addition of freeways, they are even more desperate.

            Things were getting a little distorted.  Is this reality or is this a Twilight Zone episode.  It was time to stop for a rest.



            I had a careful look around.  I got the impression that the people in these rooms had been there for a long time.  At least their cars had been there for a long time. 

No Check Out


            I felt I was in that old song.  You know the one about the hotel where you can check out but you can never leave?  What was the name of the group that sang that?  That was starting to bug me.  I just couldn’t remember.  I found this guy to ask.  We were just hanging on a corner when a girl drove by in a flat bed Ford.

In Da Corner


I was starting to feel lost.  I wasn’t even sure I was on Route 66 anymore.  Then I picked up a clue.

In Winslow Arizona

            Enough of this.  I couldn’t figure IT out.  I didn’t know what IT is.  I couldn’t even find IT.

Here It Is


            Yeah, well, maybe not.  It was more of that 66 weirdness.

Hoopty Hare

            Time to hit the road, but first I needed to check the map and maybe find a place to eat.

Big Map

          Just a minor problem with the road, but a clue that I may have trouble finding an open restaurant on this stretch.  I can see the freeway next to old 66 but driving 66 is the goal.    

End of the Road..for a bit

                                                                This place isn’t open.

Valentine Diner 

Its brother isn’t open either.

And another

                                            This place isn’t open.  Maybe that’s a good thing.

Lion Lunch


                                                               This town isn’t open.


Lion Town


                                                       Maybe if I follow the arrows…

Point the Way

                                                             Nope, not here either.      

Trading Post

                                        Ahhh! Here we go.  Something tells me this will do just fine.

Bubba's Joint

Crossing the Divide and Painting the Desert

          We started out again in the morning. The Chicago to Oklahoma part of this trip has people and green stuff. This end of it has rocks and sand and places that used to be. We struggled a little bit in the morning but then we crossed the Continental Divide. It would be all downhill from now on. On the road, I mean, at least that’s what the sign suggests.


            We felt very optimistic about this leg.  We were ready to do a long run then we came across another of these signs.

No Go

            Not the first, not probably the last, these signs just mean we have to do some creative map reading to find the other end of this broken segment.  Unless it means something sinister…

            We came across this fellow in Gallup, New Mexico.  His brothers pointed the way on the first leg of the trip from Chicago so we know we were back on track.  I can’t tell if he is saying thumbs up or thumbs down for the trip.

Two Thumbs Giant

            We saw the best and the worst on this leg of the trip.  This is the Historic El Rancho Hotel built by D.W. Griffith’s brother in 1937.  The early greats of Hollywood stayed here and some have rooms named after them, everyone from Alan Ladd to Zackery Scott.  It may be a little tired these days but then again, so am I.

El Rancho de Magnifico                  

                                                    The lobby still holds its movie star charm.

Lobby of the Stars

            We then headed to the other end of the spectrum.  Route 66 was, and still is, known for the basket’s full of useless souvenirs you can buy.  Some places cling to the tacky image.  This place had some great plastic animals hanging around.

High Class Crap

          Why these yellow horses are so real, I had to wonder how they walked up there.

Old Yeller

 Before you make fun of these noble creatures, remember, plastic animals are just as real as you and I are.  Well, me especially.
 This version of the Route 66 giants was a little menacing.

What the How

            He left us a clue as to which way NOT to go.

Get the Point

            Feeling a little intimidated, we stopped for help at a U.S. Calvary outpost…I think.

Tower of Doom

            This fort would make anyone feel protected, unless they watched F Troop on TV in the 60’s.

Where is Sgt O'Rourke

            But all we had to do was cross this bridge of no return and we were in the Painted Desert.

Sandy Bridge

            Somewhere out there were the remnants of our route.

No where, There

Still No Where


            In the distance we could see a piece of road with a car on it.  A clue to finding the old road is to look for the old telegraph lines, and follow them.  Sometimes it works out.  For this guy, maybe not.

Engine Missing

            As I was posing for a picture the car came up behind me and I had to leap out of the way. 

Watch You Back

                                                       As the car passed, a lovely lady waved.

Millie, No

WAIT!  That was Mille!  THE GIRL!!