Bubba’s Mystery Trip

     Bubba came home from Palm Springs exhausted.  We were well rested and ready for another trip.   Bubba had plenty of ideas where he wanted to go but we already had our own ideas.  

     Oh boy!  Another trip!  They won’t tell me where we are going, they say it is a surprise.  I asked what to wear, and they won’t give me any suggestions.  I asked if I should bring swim wear or an overcoat.  Rick just stared openmouthed.  I asked if I needed a tux or shorts.  Rick correctly pointed out that I have one shirt that is molded into me and I really don’t have pants.  He’s right, it doesn’t matter.  
     I am playing Sherlock Holmes and looking at the clues.  Rick took the car in to get checked.  That means a road trip.  He specifically asked them to check the air conditioning and cooling systems.  Does that mean a hot climate?  Spider bought some water and lots of snacks.  I think that means a lot of driving.  

     A little more packing and preparation and we will be off.    I think we will let Bubba guess.  He needs a little mystery in his life.

Booked in New York

     Bubba got his computer issues resolved and would like to pick up his narrative where he left off.  He was helped by two friends, one from Paris and one from California, to mitigate a problem with a Parisian policeman who took issue with Bubba’s driving.  He was placed on a plane and sent to New York.

        I arrived in New York with my friends, my dignity, and my body parts intact.  After a very thorough pat down by Customs, we were free to see the city, or as much as we could cram in before our next flight.  We visited the building being erected on the site of the World Trade Center.

and we visited the Metropolitan Museum where I heard they had an exhibition on Poetry in Plastic.  I was wrong, It was something else altogether.  A great place but not a single plastic person to be found…

        Then we hit the best of the best.  This was Rick’s entire reason for visiting the city.  We went to The Mysterious Bookshop.  All crime in New York is petty without the crime fiction found within these walls.  The Mysterious Bookshop is run by crime fiction expert and publisher Otto Penzler and his indispensable staff. 

Rick was so moved that he proposed to Spider on the spot and Otto renewed their wedding vows.

I looked on as Best (little plastic) Man.  I picked out a few books to take home and stood on them for a better view.

And then… I SAW HER AGAIN!  I lost all interest in the wedding before me when I saw the lovely lady I first saw in the garden in Paris.  But there was a complication.

She was with someone else and he didn’t look as friendly as one would hope.  I wondered if their choice of books meant anything.  The Man in Black hustled her out of the door.  I tried to catch them.  I saw her board a plane and chased after them.   She was last seen on the airport monitor departing from runway 22R.

I will just have to keep traveling and keep looking.