Bubba Meets Santa

Bubba is all ready for Christmas but still has one thing to do . . . visit the guy in the red suit . . . Santa.

            I chopped down the tree and put up the ornaments, but I also had to give Santa my Christmas list.  Some say the idea of a jolly fat man who gives out toys to good children is all just fantasy.  Some may also say that the idea of a small plastic person who travels the world is also pure nonsense, but that does occur now and then.

            First, I had to locate him.  Where does Santa hang out when he is not at the North Pole?  Why at the mall of course.  So off I went to the mall.  I saw a long line of children in front of guy in a red suit sitting in a chair.  I joined the line but, as I got closer, I could see something was amiss.  This person’s belly looked suspiciously like a pad under his coat.  His boots were just shiny black pieces sewn on the bottom of his pants and wait … he scratched his beard and it moved to the side!  As I got closer, I saw a cranky elf taking money from each kid as he or she approached.  This was Santa Gansta, holding up the kids for cash!!  I hopped out of line and started to leave when a guy in green leggings and a knit cap pulled low to disguise pointy ears approached me.

            “Hey kid, this ain’t the real Santa you know.  This guy gives the real Santa a bad rap.”

            “I noticed,” I replied, “The real Santa doesn’t take money, he gives joy.  I wish I knew where to find him”

            The elfin figure shifted and I heard the sound of bells as bent down to whisper in my ear.  “The real Santa is at the Jelly Belly factory.”

            Could this be?  I had to find out right away so I made my way to the big bean making place.

Inside was a sugar dream.  It was the birthplace of Jelly Bellies.

            I ran up to the information booth and asked the nice lady if she knew where Santa was hiding out.  She told me he hadn’t arrived yet but she suggested that I sign in and take the tour.

     This was more like it!  Finally I found someone with proper Christmas cheer.  I signed in and was given a hat to wear. 

     It was going to be a little too big so, given the fact that I have no hair on my pointy head, I was allowed to catch a ride on someone else’s hat.

I learned how a Jelly Belly is made and at the end of the tour was given a free sample.

     I asked for another sample and was given a few.  These people know the true meaning of Christmas Spirit!!

            All of a sudden I heard the clatter of hooves and the jingle of bells.  Even though it was a bright sunny day, a flurry of snow engulfed the room and I saw Santa scurrying up to his chair.

     I ran up the stairs and there he was!  The jolly old elf, Santa Claus!!!!  I could tell this was the real deal.  No polyester beard or foam padding.  This was Santa, with a genuine smile to cheer the hearts of all.

He held me up to his ear so I could whisper my toy requests.

     He listened to everything I had on my list and checked it twice.  I confessed to the naughty, but he already knew about the nice.  He let me hang out on his hat to ask for one more item (I guess a couple of my jelly beans got stuck on there, too).

            This year I found my voice.  I was lucky enough to be given a home with some nice people and saw some wonderful things.  Life has given us its ups and downs but, all in all, our life is good.  I asked Santa to please smile on those whose lives are not so nice and give them a New Year of happiness.

Merry Christmas from Bubba and his Friends.