Bubba Races At Monaco

Bubba will start this narrative of his time on the French Riviera, including his run in the Monaco Grand Prix.  Because of circumstances beyond his control, I will be finishing the story for him.

            Along with plenty of historical sites, the south of France is known for its beautiful beaches. 

I spent a few days in Nice, a lovely town with easy train access to Monaco and Cannes.  The waters of the Mediterranean Sea are truly a deeper blue than anywhere else.   The beach there was lovely with plenty of nice people.  I thought I would catch a few rays and work on my tan.

I’m not sure why but the young man with the lady in the background took exception to my staring, yelling and pointing, and buried me in the sand.

The next day we went to Monaco where I was to drive in the Grand Prix.  I arrived at the club in my private yacht and went to my roof top home. 

            Monaco is a land of the very, very rich and famous.  Everything is of the highest quality and, as you can see in this picture of the Casino reflected in a bit of sculpture, even the palm trees are dressed in glittery gowns.

            I walked to the Casino and entered with my best James Bond swagger.  Before they threw me out, I managed to use this fancy, marble self cleaning gambling machine.

I had entered the Grand Prix and qualified in the pole position.  My pit crew gave my car the once over to make sure everything was pressed tight and I was ready to race.

The race started and I forged out ahead keeping the other cars behind me through the curves.  I quickly opened up a one lap lead and in this picture you can see me, a screaming blur, going through the tunnel. 

Here is where I have to step in and correct some of Bubba’s thoughts.  This whole blog may be a stretching of the truth at times but I have to point out that while they were located in Monaco, the ship was not his, the rooftop residence was not his, and Bubba did not win the Monaco Grand Prix.  In fact, you don’t see him in the tunnel because his race ended abruptly when his tire came off and hit the cameraman.