Return to Paris

     The stop in Switzerland was long enough for Bubba to hurt himself by eating too much chocolate and to embarrass us all by attacking a statue.  The next morning we got on the train for the ride to Paris.  Returning to Paris was bittersweet.  Paris is a wonderfully modern and ancient city all at the same time.  Any time spent in Paris is time that will stay in your memories. 

But our second stop in Paris also meant we would be heading for home soon.  Bubba wanted more time to explore the city so we stayed a bit longer.

          I love Paris!!  It is a laid back city with cafes where they sell coffee in little cups.  A person, even one my size, can stroll through the city and stop to sip a cup.  Rick and Spider met up with some friends from home, Fred and Marilyn one morning.  Marilyn stopped drinking her coffee and I took the opportunity to add five cubes of sugar to sweeten it up for myself.  I was stirring the cup when they noticed me.  I don’t think she minded but Fred took his cup and dropped it right on top if me.  It got dark in there.

After escaping the cup, I took a walk around the Montmartre district where many famous painters lived, worked and played.  There are still many artists who work in the area.

They all shouted and begged me to sit for a painting.  Some of the biggies of French art like Picasso, Monet, and Van Gough hung out here so the standard is high.  I looked at all the painter’s works and I choose the best of the bunch.   In turn, I was rewarded with this great painting. 

It is now hanging in the Louvre.  We then visited the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.  Even if you don’t like cemeteries this is a place to visit for the sculptures.

But I was here to visit the grave of Jim Morrison from the Doors.

I thought it was time to and go back to the hotel when this guy asked me how to spell my name.