Bubba Goes Dental

            Those who see Bubba up close know he has a crooked smile.  When Millie did his portrait, back in the October 18 post, she captured that missing tooth part.  Bubba thought he should do something about his crooked smile.

            I think I may have had a few too many jelly beans while visiting with Santa.  A bad night or two with a toothache in my missing tooth place prompted me to expedite my long delayed trip to the dentist.  A cavity to a hollow plastic person is no surprise, but pain is not supposed to be part of the casting process.  I called for an appointment and was seen right away.

     I arrived at the proper time and place and had my first encounter with a dentist’s office.  There were lots of scary things to see.  That big needle thing was bad, but how was he going to fit that giant mirror in my mouth.

            I already have a hole on the top of my head.  What could that drill be used for?  That water thing looks like a fire hose from my viewpoint.  It did a drip, drip, drip into the top of my head.

            Having seen all the scary implements of torture, I settled back into the chair as it reclined and awaited my fate.

            It turned out these are about the nicest people I have ever had inflict pain on me.  They were kind, gentle, and after a shot of the happy juice, everything was alllriiiight.  I didn’t mind the poking, cleaning, and fixing.  Dr. Walker even put on a magnifier to see the tiny cavity in my tiny tooth.

            After a little cleaning and filling, the problem was fixed and the pain was gone.  He did notice the lack of teeth on the lower left side and I scheduled another appointment to get repainted.

            I gladly forked over my co-pay (I have Acrylic Cross insurance) and headed out with a new look on life.


I’ll be back.