Leaving Oklahoma

            Bubba is on the road.  He is traveling Route 66 in Oklahoma heading west.  As he leaves the big cities of Tulsa and Oklahoma City, the landscape changes.

            We have gone a long way.  We started in Chicago a year ago and after a break are back to complete the route.  It is easy to get lost on a road that, for the most part, doesn’t exist anymore and sometimes I think we may have strayed off the track.

            I wasn’t sure if the “Yukon Czech Capital” is in Canada or Europe.  I certainly wouldn’t have looked for it here.  Rick and Spider assured me we were still on track in Oklahoma.  I had to agree.  I looked around and we did seem to be in Oklahoma.  I saw no signs of us being anywhere else.

     Maybe this is the “Way South Canadian River”.  I believe I read somewhere this is the longest bridge of this type anywhere, at least in Canadian Oklahoma.  The trestles just roll off into the distance.

     We are in the country now.  This is Route 66 as it was in the Southwest.  It rolls straight off into the distance.   Being bypassed by bigger roads, these days you can drive where you want and as fast as the road allows. 

     You do have to be a little careful, the road is a little narrow and you never know what is hiding in one of the dips just waiting to shove you off into a field.

     I think I heard the farmer yelling at us and thanking us for plowing his field as we slid sideways past him. 

     The road with its concrete curbs and asphalt patches was showing its age a bit prompting us to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

     That was the good road.  The bad part was ahead.  We did get a warning that road conditions may change.

     Luckily our GPS told us where we were.  Driving on road.

     We soon came to a big city.  This place is so laid back that if you can’t find a parking place; you just park in the middle of the street. 

     It was time to stop for the day.  We gassed up the car.

     Got a bite to eat in a first class restaurant.

     We checked out the maps and decided to push to get into Texas the next day.  Oklahoma is a nice place but we had Santa Monica ahead of us.  We found a great four star hotel and bedded down for the night.

Texas Tomorrow!!









Nevada, Utah, Legoland?

     Our stop at Lake Tahoe was brief.  Just long enough to gather our thoughts and refuel, and we took off again shortly after lunch.

     Tahoe was not to be our destination and we hit the road again.  Because of our delay, we did some driving in the night so I wasn’t sure where we were or where we were going.  When we stopped, we were in Wniiandnaiomuccanbac, Nevada.

            People of Winnemucca, Nevada, please excuse Bubba.

     In the room, I found a brochure.  Was this where we were going?  Was I to be returned to my lost family?  This was amazing!!

          We arose the next morning and headed east.  After awhile, we crossed an area that was all white and flat.  This was the Great Sheet of Paper, a natural formation.  The road ran straight as a line on that paper.  The Great Sheet was formed by a pulp eruption from a nearby mountain eons ago, when origami ruled the land.

            We drove through the salt flats of Utah near the Great Salt Lake.  Paper was not involved.  With a straight road in front of us and the cruise control set on “too fast”, we didn’t stop for pictures. 

            We arrived in Park City Utah and settled in for a couple of days.  Old Town Park City is a wonderful old timey western town.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops.  We managed to find a good place among them to fill our bellies.

I suggested to Rick that he try Fish and Chips for a change.  Utah is well known for its fresh Atlantic Cod.  While they ate, I made friends with a local resident who came down from the hills.  We sat on a bench and watched the people run past. 

Park City is a lovely place but it can get cold.  The ski lift downtown is a clue.  Some people even knitted a giant sweater for a bridge so it wouldn’t catch cold.

I was a bit chilly myself so I snuggled up and dreamt of The Girl.  I rolled over and got stuck.  The knitting was taking on a life of its own and pulling me in!  It seemed to grow tentacles!

I cried out, but Rick and Spider were packing the car for the next day’s departure.  Finally, my new friend rescued me and we went back to sitting on the bench to watch the world pass by.

This was all fine but I was itching to go.  Are we heading to The Land described in the brochure?  Would I find The Girl maybe named Millie there?  Were we off to someplace else?