Mendocino Views

     Bubba survived his trip to France, Italy, and New York…barely.  When we all got back home, he claimed he was exhausted from all the drama and needed a vacation.  We packed up and took a trip to Mendocino on the Northern California coast.  Bubba has his own view of this trip.

        After the big trip, I needed a vacation.  Off we all went to the Northern California Coast to see nature and stuff.  The coastline is rocky and dramatic, with waves crashing on the rocks like a scene from a horror movie.  I kept looking for Alfred Hitchcock and a flock of birds.  Coves and inlets give the area a jagged coastline.

I found a nice fence rail to hang out on but it was a little slippery.

Not wanting to end up bouncing in the sea like a little yellow buoy, I decided it was time to retreat to the tiny town of Fort Bragg and refresh myself.  A nice lady at the North Coast Brewery’s restaurant saw me and knew right away just what I needed.

She gave me a little glass and a big boost so I could sample some of their finest Old Stock Ale.  Ahhh! Just what a guy like me needed after a hard day at sea.

        After the refreshments, I took a nature walk.  There are a lot of strange creatures and plants in the area.  If you are patient and are here at the right time of year, you can see seals, whales, and a horrifying creature that confronted me on the walk.  I was terrified, and quickly picked up a tree branch to defend the lives of Rick and Spider.  It was a long and vicious battle but I soon managed to run away and escape the beast.

We retreated to our hotel as the fog rolled in.  While the temperature inland was in the 90’s and 100’s it was a cool 75 here and dropping.

Back in the room, I threw some logs in the fireplace and lit a match.  I soon realized that is not a wise thing for a plastic person to do.

Bubba was rescued from the fireplace and recovered in time for the next day’s adventures.