Does The Desert Ever End?

Bubba has been on this Route 66 thing for a long, long time.  He is getting near the end of the trip but can’t seem to find his way out of the desert.

I’m back out on the road and I’m going to make up some time by zooming through the next part of the trip.  I found the original road again and nothing is going to get in my way.

Unless, of course, the road runs out again.


I can stop and ask this guy.  He looks like he is related to one of the giants I saw earlier in the trip.

Little Giant

He gave me some good advice because we looked like twins.  His shirt is my skin color.


He suggested a night in one of the local hotels before shoving off.

This one seems a little too posh.

Du Beau

This one looks a little better.

Du Monte

Ahhh!  Here is the place.  It has a great central location AND a good price.

Du Cheap

After a restful night next to the train tracks, I gassed up the car and hit the road.  Yes I am back on Route 66.

Old Gas Here

Long Road to Blogdom

There is no mistaking that fine, high quality cement roadway.

Back on the road, I came across this car.  It is a very rare, Datsun Roadster.

Red One

The Datsun Roadster is perhaps the finest two seat convertible of its day.  It is an unusual  day when you can see one of these cars.  You may be lucky enough, in your whole life, to see just one.

Two More

Four More

Datsun Nirvana

Well…, this has been a magical trip.

It is time to look for another room for the night.

This one comes with a bath.

Petticoat Malfunction Junction

This one looks too posh and pricey.

Hi Line Hi Life

Maybe I can find a cheaper room here.

Hotel Greybar

Maybe something without bars?

350 Hotel

Perfect!  Now I’ll check out the nightlife.

A Social Club.  That might be nice.  I saw many ladies going into the building.  I bet they are friendly.

Woo Woo

This guy in the band let me play drums with him and suggested a place around the corner.


As I arrived, a nice lady leaned out of the window and welcomed me.

Madam Happy

I had a feeling that maybe I shouldn’t go here.  Maybe there was a better way to go.

Maybe this wasn’t the right way to go at all.  I needed a sign from above.

Vegan Message

This is a scary sign to see on a one way street.

I decided to cross the bridge and hit the straight and narrow.

No Bridge Bridge

No Passing?

You can always find the straight and narrow highway on Route 66.


Cuban Cars

            Bubba, looking for a vacation in a cabana, ended up in Havana.

            After my welcome drink mojito and a great lunch to go with it, I checked into my hotel.  We were staying at the Meliá Cohiba.  My window had a great view of the Malecón and the Galerias Paseo.

          The big flower thing is a fountain that wasn’t working as it was under restoration.  I’ve always heard that Cuba has some wonderful cars.  It is true.  They don’t have a lot but they have some real classics.

          Some of the best ones are taxis and some are painted like taxis but I dunno.

          It is amazing what a coat of paint can do for a car.  Or to a car.

          There is nothing like spending a day at the seaside in a convertible.

          Then there were also these things.  They kind of reminded me of Ducklings.  The cars in the back look like something from Toon Town.

          Most of these cars looked better at a distance.  The brush stokes from the hand done paint jobs don’t show.  While there is a high percentage of old cars in Havana, it is a high percentage of a small number of vehicles overall.  Busses are always crowded to capacity.

          In the country, where motor vehicles are a little scarcer, the bus system is still crowded but a little more informal.

          I think they call it the Country Area Rapid Transit or CART.

          Oddly enough, this bus came through empty right afterwards.

          In any country you will always see those darn kids in their hot rods.

My friend, Kathy, decided to not wait for our transportation and took a local taxi back to our country hotel.

Many thanks to Marina and Spider for providing the pictures.