Seattle Sights

That’s a pretty corny title, I admit. Bubba ended his Route 66 journey in Santa Monica, fell off the pier and into the ocean and washed up in Seattle.
All that hiking up and down that needle into space wore me out. I practiced on a smaller version but it didn’t help much, other than attracting the attention of the clerk who must have thought I was trying to slip the thing into my shirt pocket.
Tower napper
I jumped down from that tower thing but I think I fell a little too far. I seem to be below the sidewalk looking up.
I seem to be in a city under the city. How do I find my way out?
Teller cage
These stores all seem to be closed…permanently.
Closed under Seatle
Plumbing! Expertly done too. Plumbing leads from the top to the bottom. If I follow the pipe I have a fifty-fifty chance.
Plumbers nightmare
I came out in a “plumbing fixture” where I was saved by this man.
Seatle Loo
In a twist that only makes sense in my world, I became a little hungry and thirsty so I thought I would go back to that market I saw earlier. Maybe one of these guys could give me a tip on where to eat.
He must have misunderstood me. He called me “Jonah” and tried to take a bite!
Fish Face
This guy picked up the fish, saved me, and threw it at another guy. Fish flinging could become a new Olympic sport.
Flying Fish
There has to be a place with fresh fish that aren’t so aggressive. This guy might be able to pick something out. The fish does look fresh.
Freshest Fish
Maybe a little too fresh. I found myself stuck on this island surrounded by these pointy people.
Rude Star
In need of rescue, I found someone to pull me from the water just in time to avoid getting a fish finger poked into my head.
I think maybe I’ll go for some fish and chips instead. I stopped in at The Pike for a taste of cool nectar.
Pike IPA
IPA is good, but this guy suggested a Barleywine. Any more tasting and I’ll be sleeping with the fishes.
Little body, big beer, and a slip back into the water. Where will I go now?
A Sound Photo

A New Adventure

We last left Bubba at the end of his trip down the Mother Road, Route 66.  The trip took him a lot longer than he expected and he had to include side trips to Tucson, Arizona and Havana, Cuba. 

           It seemed to make sense at the time.  Now he is in California, celebrating the end of “The Road”.

Not too far from the official “West End of 66” sign is the Santa Monica Pier.  It looks like there a few things to do over there.

SM Pier

This is the famous sign on the famous pier.  I’ve gone as far as I can on this coast.


This was first built in 1909 or 1916 or maybe 1877.  It is in pretty good shape but you should still be careful.  It goes a long way out and falling off puts you smack into the Pacific Ocean.  But I am a world traveler. What could go wrong?

ocean view

Good thing I’m a strong swimmer. Or at least a strong floater.  I’m the guy on the right.

Bobbing heads

I swam and floated for days and days.  The land was always just a little too far.  Eventually I ended up in a harbor.  A ship was cruising by.  If I give it one good try, I can get on board.

Evening cruise

I made it!  Let’s see where this giant cruise ship will take me.

Da Dock

Ah, yes, back to the dock.  At least I am on land again.  I’m not sure what city this is.  I’ll take a walk up to those buildings.

Da City

I’ll ask at this place.

The Hand of Power

No luck.  My hand is too smooth and my head line is round and yellow.

There is a place I recognize.  I think I have seen one of these before.  This must be important since they tell you three times.  That should be a clue as to where I am.  I’ll just look at where these stores are located and it will narrow down the search.

The Mutha of all Starbucks

Places with a Starbucks.  I could be anywhere except Bukhara, Uzbekistan or Perho. Finland.  That narrows it down.  Any more clues around?

A market.  Lots of places have a market.  This isn’t any help.


This is a pretty tall building.  In fact it looks like a needle sticking up into space.

Dirty Needle

Maybe if I go to the top and look around, I’ll be able to see where I am.

Scopin' Things Out

There is the city.  There is a dome type building that says “Safeco” on top.  I think there was a baseball team that lost a game to the magnificent Oakland A’s recently that played someplace called Safeco.  Having a team that is not as good as the A’s doesn’t narrow it down much.

A View to a City

Maybe these people can help.  They look…trustworthy?

U.S. Duo

Seaside, Safeco, Space needle, Starbucks, I must be in an “S” town.  Of course, I am in Sioux Falls… no wait, Seattle! That’s it! Seattle!

Sam Thumbs Up