A travel tip from the last post.  The one before Sherlock’s Birthday.  If you are in Rome and get a chance to see the Coliseum at night, take it.  It is a stunning building and a night tour gives it that otherworldly feel that seems to exclude the modern life outside its walls.

            Bubba now travels to the city of Ferrara.

When I arrived in the city, I immediately found this place.  It looks like it may be up to my B+B standard so I thought I would take a look around.

Big House

It has a nice swimming pool.

Big Lap Pool

                        The front desk must be around here somewhere.

Not A Lobby

I pounded on the table until someone finally showed up.  I demanded a room for the night and used the phrase, “You don’t know who I am!” like I have heard other tourists use.  The nice man said he had just the room for me.

Room With A No View

I should avoid being THAT tourist and go back to being a good guest in the country I’m visiting.  Low key and friendly works best.

          We actually stayed at the Hotel de Prati a block or so from the castle.  They deserve special mention because while we were in Ferrara, we learned of a family tragedy back home.  The staff of the hotel was very sympathetic and helpful.  Besides, it is a great location with some interesting rooms. 

Turning down the room at the Castle, I decided to take a look around the town.  This seems to be a town where it pays to look up.  These boys sitting on the balcony look like they are up to no good.

Gansta Cherubs

This guy looks particularly cranky.  I probably would be a little out of sorts too if the other guys got to hang out on the balcony and I got stuffed up under the roof for a few centuries.

Roof Hood

Looking up again, I saw these two statues of brothers who ruled this area.

Bros in Stone

It may be just me, but I think I can spot a definite difference in style here.


One is the couch potato with his renaissance remote control and the other is the sportsman on his high horsepower… horse.


I’m told the horse from this town is called a Ferrara and as it evolved through the years it became a car with a similar name.  Could it be the Mustang?

I wandered over to this church.

Holy House

It looked friendly enough but looking up again, I saw a definite message about life choices.

Left or Right

You hang around with the wrong crowd and you end up…

Choice Maker

I asked for directions to a happy place and this nice guy offered to show me the way.

Crossing Guard

I’ll keep looking around, thank you.

Here is a friendlier looking fellow.  Just sitting around blowing bubbles.  My kind of guy.

Bubble Bear

He directed me to the phone and with coin in hand, I was ready to make a call.


The voice on the phone told me that for a good time, be at the corner Corso Ercole d’Este and Via Padiglioni, right next to the hotel, at sunset.

A Parade!!, with a fancy dressed band and flag throwers.  At first I thought this was the staff from the hotel, drying the sheets and an entertaining way.  This was the city’s notable citizens out for an evening stroll in their finest clothes.

Da Ladies

Then these guys showed up so I figured it may be time to end the night.

Time to bug out of town.  I’ll head north to Venice.