Lucca to Rome

     Since Bubba has a bad habit of falling into the sea and washing up elsewhere, we decided it might be best to head inland.  We stopped in the walled city of Lucca.  Inside the walls, the buildings date back centuries and space is at a premium. 

Strolling through Lucca felt like being transported to the time of my Renaissance ancestors.  People like Legoangelo and Legonardo Di Vinyl.  Churches and towers are scattered all over.

Lucca Square

Inside these buildings are some masterful frescoes showing off the art of the age.

St Groucho, St Chico and St Harpo

But, being the being that I am, I wanted to dig deeper into the history of this city.  So I went underground.


Down below you can see the roots of the buildings.  They didn’t take care of the floor so they just built on top of it.  This piece of floor looks like the place at home where I dropped a pot and cracked the tiles.  Only the tiles here are older, better, and just plain different.

Floor Mosaic

When I’m not going below, I like to go up.  The tower built above us gives a chance to get a good view.  Lots of steps, tiny legs, this may be a trip in itself.


This tower has been here for centuries so I guess it is safe enough to go up.  I’m sure it is structurally sound.

DIY Tower

That looks up to code to me.  Maybe da Vinci code or the code of throw-more-wood-at-it.

Everything seems to rest on this one beam with a giant nail sticking out of it.  It should be fine as long as … no one makes sudden moves…or kicks the beam…or breathes.

See Cure

Okay, get to the top…nice view… time to leave.

Tower View


In a city like this, garden space is at a premium.  You plant where you can.

High Garden

You really have to look up to find a park.  This tower looks like it needs a haircut.Curly Top

More stairs but these look a little safer.

Good Stairs


It looks fine until you get to the top.  No turning back now just tippy toe the last few steps.

Shaky End?

Once you do get to the top, it is a view from a forest you will not see elsewhere.

Tree Really Top

Lucca View

Tower View

Going down the stairs is faster than going up.  I get one last look of the forest on the tower from one of the narrow streets below.


I think I’ll hop back on the train and shoot south.

On Time Trains

Since I have been on the road for a long time and since I am something of a road dog, I think I will go to where all the roads lead.  Even the railroads.

Rick's Rome