From Sea to Air

Bubba was last seen in the waters off Hawaii.  He drifted in from Seattle and now figured he would be drifting back again.  He was starting to feel he had too much bath time.

It seemed like I was swimming and drifting for hours before I finally surfaced.  I was plucked out of the water by a strange creature.  Was I in Africa?


Why no, I was still in Hawaii and in the grip of rare Hawaiian Hippos.  Someone save me from these beasts.

Once again I was plucked from the jaws of recycling by the intervention of a pair of nice folks.

Shannon and Bill

As much as I enjoyed Hawaii, I needed a change of scene.  My new friends gave me a ride to the airport and turned me over to two pilots.  They brought me up to the board but I just couldn’t decide where to go.  Finally, one of them pointed to me and said, “I know just the place and I’ll turn you over to someone who will get you there.”

Piliot Error

The nice lady held me up to see the sign but I still wasn’t sure where my destination was.

I think it might be in Ireland.

Flight info

You see, an Irish fellow once called me, “M’lad” so maybe M’lan is Irish.  But what is Malpensa?  Doesn’t “Mal” mean bad?  Am I going to a bad penny place in Ireland?  I’m good for a plane ride so I got on board.

I read the card about water landings.  No more water please.

Yellow Coat

I read the instructions about using the specialized equipment.  Sounds like a water landing again.

Waste Water Landing

I practiced touching my toes in the event of an emergency.

Maybe I should walk.

Ben Dover

I settled into my seat and looked over the movie list.


Lego On Demand

The (should be) Academy Award winning movie that (should have) won every award in every category!!  It ranks with the likes of “American Lego”, “The Grand Lego Hotel”, and “The Theory of Everything Lego”.

Best Actor Nominee

I happily settled down to my short flight that enabled me to watch it 18 times back to back.  At least the airplane bathroom was good.

First Class Loo


That must be first class…No wait that would be in the hotel in Milan.  Jet lag I guess.  Since everyone here speaks Italian, I have a feeling that I’m not in Dublin but maybe I’m somewhere in Italy.