Bubba in Paradise

          Aside from a baseball moan, Bubba was last seen drifting in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Seattle, Washington.  I think traveling by plane may be a little easier, and probably dryer, but Bubba is Bubba.

I floated for days and days.  Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink (has that been used before?).  Finally, I washed up on a desert island.


Lonely Isle

Lonely Isle

There were a couple of guys with a boat selling “three hour tours” of the area.  Their boat, The Minnow, was an ultra modern powerboat thing.  I opted for a less industrial mode of travel.  Why use a machine when you can do it yourself.

Hangin' Plastic

Hangin’ Plastic


Wetter and a little less in control than I counted on.


There must be another way to see these islands and to discover where I might be this time.

Goin ta Kona

Goin ta Kona

This is the life, pampered by a flight attendant with plenty of food and drink and a nice conversation with new friends.


Does a flower on that side mean I’m married or looking?

Maybe I’m looking for an in-flight snack.

Flight Food

Flight Food

An adult beverage to wash it down and I’m ready to make friends.



Mahalo, Dude


You’d think he never saw a yellow plastic person before.

Landing at the airport, I was greeted by the local welcome wagon.

Big Island Face

Big Island Face

I think that was a smile.  I picked up my rental car and headed out across the lava flow.  Who needs a road.



I got stuck between a rock and a …well…you know.

The hot Lane

The Hot Lane

I headed out on foot and found this nice lady handing out towels.


She told me someone had been waiting for me.  This is a pretty nice place, only one person could make it better.  That would be…



With our shades in place and the tanning oil on the plastic, what could make life better?  Maybe a fresh cup of Kona coffee.

Greenwell Farms Coffe

Greenwell Farms Coffee

Now that I’m rested and caffineated, it is time for some fun.  Checklist.  Snorkel, fins, boat.


This nice Captain and his crew will give me a lift.


I’ve got Titanic training.


Throw on the fins and I’m ready to go.

Fin Fest

Fin Fest

I’ll pop over the side and take a look.


This dude asked for help finding some kid named Elmo or Nemo or something.


When I surfaced, the boat was gone.  The people were gone, and I was adrift again.

Hopefully, someone will be looking for me.