To Columbia

            Bubba was looking for a relaxing Caribbean holiday but went to a cut rate, online travel agent and ended up in Cuba.  He had a good time but is still looking for his south of the border experience. 

            The travel agent did not give me my time on the beach in the Caribbean and I called to complain.  My trip to Cuba was fantastic but not the hammock and sand adventure I was looking for.  The lady on the other end said there were some great prices on vacations in Columbia and, since the price was so low, I took her up on it. 

            Did you know there is more than one place named Columbia?  Upon arrival I found that there is a restored gold rush town named Columbia located in California. 

When I showed up, they held a parade in my honor.

            They even scrambled the fire department and the militia.

          It may not be in South America but I think I like this place.  Columbia California is a preserved gold rush town that is now a state park.  The park rangers are friendly and helpful.  This nice lady explained that I was not in the Columbia in South America, but a safer spot that didn’t have any beaches. 

          She suggested I look around and meet some of the local residents.  In a western town, you start at the blacksmith’s shop.

          I found a new hiking shoe for my brittle feet.  It was just a little too big though.

          I tried it on and found it was too heavy to go dancing in.

          I had to be rescued by this gunslinger.  He let me ring the dinner bell.

          I decided I would have to stay for awhile.  I found The Fallon House, a hotel on the edge of town.

          I signed in at the register and got my key to room two.

          I stopped off at the local Saloon where the saloon keeper greeted me with a nice, cold, dark beer.

          And another.

          And pretty soon it was time to call it a night.

          Tomorrow I’ll explore the town some more and maybe look for some gold.

One response to “To Columbia

  1. Glad to see you made it back to Californ-i-o. If you want a special tour of Sutter’s Fort, let me know. We are docents there and can get you in “free.” Love to see you and your travel mates again.

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