The Arts in Cuba and a Quick Departure

            Bubba is not known for his interest in the arts.  Remember, he is the one who got into a little trouble for trying to “fix” the Tower of Pisa.  When he was in Milan, he thought the Last Supper was something that happens at closing time in a bar.  In Cuba, he was able to appreciate a simpler style and he liked it.

            As I have been traveling around the country, I’ve seen some public artwork.  Mostly it is a big picture of a political hero, like this.

          Sometimes art took the form of a bust, like this one at the old Presidential Palace.  Please ignore the bullet holes in the wall behind it.  Art critics can be brutal.

            I decided to look a little deeper at the artist community.  I came across a screen printing shop.  This is a place where the old way is the best way.  Sometimes the older machines do the best work.

            They ended up with a great bare bones style.

          Of course architectural art in Cuba is everywhere.  There is a distinct faded elegance to buildings in Havana.  All you have to do is turn around and you can see  a once beautiful building showing its age like a faded movie star.  A few cracks and wrinkles but you can still see the great elegance that once existed.

            Like anywhere else in the world, give a guy enough paint and a brush and he’ll paint anything.

          I think that family group needed one more person so I posed for the artist.

          He immediately got his brush out and started working.  From his perch he could answer a call of nature and clean his brushes at the same time. 

          After viewing this next piece of public art, I decided maybe, just maybe, it was time to head home while I still had a head to head home with.

          My problem became one of how to get out.  Cuba charges an exit fee and I had no money.  I hit up my friend James for a few “CUC’s”.  He could only spare a few coins.

          I told Dave and Marina, that I would be able to share more of their vacation, since I was too broke to leave..  When faced with the idea of continued quality time with me, Dave reacted immediately.

          I was then able to leave Cuba.  This is a place like no other I have visited.  The people are immensely proud of their country and seem not to see the flaws.  Cuba is poised on the edge of big change.  Will they be able to reel in the big fish or will they be pulled into the sea.  This man fishing from the Malecon could be the symbol of Cuba’s future.