Music in Cuba

            Bubba is a fan of hardcore punk music.  He even sports a Mohawk of sorts on top of his head.  He thought he would have to have a rock and roll blackout in Cuba but found a replacement in the local style.

            Music is everywhere in Cuba.  When you live in a place with one television station (unless you know someone), and money is tight, then your entertainment choices are simpler.  I think everyone has a guitar, and drums are made of what you have at hand.  One of the best bands we saw had a set of bongos, a foot pedal activated cowbell and a cymbal.  I took a shot at playing the bongos myself.

            It was on the quiet side until I got some help.  It got a little jumpy then.

            Bands played everywhere and they all sell their homemade CDs .  One of the few approved items Americans can bring back is music so I stocked up.  Every time we ate, we had music and a smile from someone nearby.

            We found great music in the high end nightclubs like the famous Tropicana…

          To the stairs outside of an orchid sanctuary.

                        At night at the elegant Hotel Nacional …




                   To the daytime in a way overcrowded bar in Havana Viejo.

            And if there is music, there is dancing.

            If there is dancing, there must be a dancing school.  This was a ballet school where the students are picked for their ability, and appearance. 


As you can see, they all pretty much look the same.  With the rigorous selection comes a very dedicated group of students.  The next world famous Cuban ballerina is in this group somewhere.

          Maybe not the guy who tripped and fell on the floor.  I think he was there to meet the girls; he really wants to be a baseball player.

            Because Cuba has been somewhat isolated by being an island, by the U.S. embargo, and by being economically challenged, their music, like their food, architecture, and life in general, has not been tainted with the sameness that you find elsewhere.

            I’m Bubba.  I like Punk music. I have to admit though; I really enjoyed the music Cuba had to offer.