Heading to Texas

Heading to Texas

            Bubba is heading across Oklahoma and moving into Texas.  Route 66 went through a short piece of Texas. Some of the towns bypassed by the new roads have dried up and some have blown away.

            We arose early and had a brief bite in the local tavern. 

            The place needed a little maintenance; a light bulb was burned out in the rest room. 

           The road was getting rougher so I gave a test drive to a car better suited to both me and the road.  It is little but rough.

            I took it for a spin.  It was a little hard for me to turn the steering wheel.

            I decided to go back to being a passenger with Rick and Spider.  The addition of the newer, bigger, roads makes it difficult to stay on the old portions sometimes.  Our choice here was to go over the perimeter fence or go around and do some backtracking. 

            Maybe we could dodge the trucks and stay on track. 

            Some of the old places are deteriorating and it is only a matter of time before…

We waited at this place for an hour and a half for a big gust of wind.

          In other places restoration has taken place.  This little station is in Shamrock Texas.  It is a great little town worth a stop.

          At night it is a beacon in the darkness.

          When in Shamrock Texas there is but one place to eat.  Big Vern’s

          It isn’t hard to find.  It is one block east of THE red light.  We missed it at first because we only saw a green light but eventually found it and the friendly staff took us to our table.

          They brought me in, in a nice bunch of grapes.

          After seeing the town’s other attraction, the largest water tower in the state we bedded down for the night.

                                                      Next time we will learn about Devil’s Rope.






2 responses to “Heading to Texas

  1. Great post, as usual. Your blog is one of the few that makes me actually burst out laughing, particularly with the more subtle humor like “a light bulb was burned out in the rest room.” That kind of humor – not the obvious, in-your-face stuff that a lot of movies use nowadays – is both hilarious and hard to do well. One of the reasons I like this blog so much.
    You may have known this, but that gas station in Shamrock was the model for the gas station in Pixar’s “Cars.” (http://www.cracked.com/article_19621_6-fictional-places-you-didnt-know-actually-existed_p2.html)
    You’ve got something truly unique here. Keep at it, friend. Keep at it.

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