Bubba Gets Ready For Christmas

Bubba Gets Ready For Christmas

            We will pause in Bubba’s account of his travels on Route 66 to reflect on his preparation for the upcoming Christmas celebration.

            I am ready for the Christmas blitz.  The first thing I wanted to do was put up a million lights around the house.  I got a big box down from the attic.  Last year they were all carefully wound, stored, and put away for the next year.  When I opened the box, I saw the mischievous elves had been at work and all the lights were in disarray.  I hear that happens in everyone’s house.  I jumped right in to untangle the mess.

            I then took my axe and headed out into the woods to chop down the traditional tree.  It was a little heavy and that sharp bit was not too pleasant.  It was cold so I put on a knit cap and found an axe.

            I found the tree I was looking for and an axe I could really handle and started chopping.

After about twenty minutes of chopping, I managed to cut it down and drag it back home.

            There was already a tree in the house and I walked around it meeting some interesting people.

            Next it was time to wrap presents.  I gathered wrapping paper, bows, and ribbon and set to work.  It took all day but I managed to make a neat and tidy package.

Maybe I can get a job as a professional wrapper.

            Our next surprise for Bubba is a trip to see the big jolly guy in the red suit. 



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