Highway To ….?

Bubba has been bugging us to go on another trip.  He wants to scour the country for “The Girl” who he now believes may be called “Millie”.  We decided to grant his request but not tell him where we were going.

        I knew they were preparing for a trip and that, this time, it would be a road trip.  Rick took the car to the local car dealer and I overheard him ask for it to be checked out.  I heard him say that he was expecting to do some desert driving so the cooling system had to be up to par.  Desert Driving?  I was hoping we weren’t going back to the Salton Sea!  I left some unhappy critters there. 

I figured I might want some money of my own so I went to the ATM to pull out some cash.

This person said he needed the money more than me so I gave it to him.

This nice policeman and his dog, disagreed and I got my money back.

The day came, I had my money, and we packed the car. We set off for places unknown to me.  Another adventure for us in the great wide world.

We made it just over 100 miles when we met this nice man.

Unfortunately he was driving this tow truck.

Maybe the fine print at the dealer said the cooling system was only good for 100 miles or less.

        I had my friend with the tow truck take our car to James, who is fixing the car.  He was smiling a lot more that Rick did when he saw what I saw on the clipboard.

Rick called the dealer and they were very helpful and provided a replacement car right away.

The key didn’t fit in the ignition so we visited this man at Enterprise rent a car.  He was really helpful and got us back on the road right away. 

Not all of that is true.  The car did overheat but the dealer has yet to offer us any help.  Enterprise did fix us up so we could continue the trip.

        This trip wasn’t starting out too well.  We needed a bit of sunshine to brighten our day.  We headed east in our new car and stopped at Lake Tahoe.  Rick’s friend Jon has dragged him up there on a few occasions for a fun, de-stressing lunch.  That was just what we needed.  I saw the paddlewheel at the dock and wondered if that was going to be part of the surprise trip.  Maybe Millie would be on the lake with her jet ski.  Last time she was with “That Guy”.

No such luck, after we regrouped and had lunch, we headed east again.  Where are they taking me?

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