Nevada, Utah, Legoland?

     Our stop at Lake Tahoe was brief.  Just long enough to gather our thoughts and refuel, and we took off again shortly after lunch.

     Tahoe was not to be our destination and we hit the road again.  Because of our delay, we did some driving in the night so I wasn’t sure where we were or where we were going.  When we stopped, we were in Wniiandnaiomuccanbac, Nevada.

            People of Winnemucca, Nevada, please excuse Bubba.

     In the room, I found a brochure.  Was this where we were going?  Was I to be returned to my lost family?  This was amazing!!

          We arose the next morning and headed east.  After awhile, we crossed an area that was all white and flat.  This was the Great Sheet of Paper, a natural formation.  The road ran straight as a line on that paper.  The Great Sheet was formed by a pulp eruption from a nearby mountain eons ago, when origami ruled the land.

            We drove through the salt flats of Utah near the Great Salt Lake.  Paper was not involved.  With a straight road in front of us and the cruise control set on “too fast”, we didn’t stop for pictures. 

            We arrived in Park City Utah and settled in for a couple of days.  Old Town Park City is a wonderful old timey western town.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops.  We managed to find a good place among them to fill our bellies.

I suggested to Rick that he try Fish and Chips for a change.  Utah is well known for its fresh Atlantic Cod.  While they ate, I made friends with a local resident who came down from the hills.  We sat on a bench and watched the people run past. 

Park City is a lovely place but it can get cold.  The ski lift downtown is a clue.  Some people even knitted a giant sweater for a bridge so it wouldn’t catch cold.

I was a bit chilly myself so I snuggled up and dreamt of The Girl.  I rolled over and got stuck.  The knitting was taking on a life of its own and pulling me in!  It seemed to grow tentacles!

I cried out, but Rick and Spider were packing the car for the next day’s departure.  Finally, my new friend rescued me and we went back to sitting on the bench to watch the world pass by.

This was all fine but I was itching to go.  Are we heading to The Land described in the brochure?  Would I find The Girl maybe named Millie there?  Were we off to someplace else?

Highway To ….?

Bubba has been bugging us to go on another trip.  He wants to scour the country for “The Girl” who he now believes may be called “Millie”.  We decided to grant his request but not tell him where we were going.

        I knew they were preparing for a trip and that, this time, it would be a road trip.  Rick took the car to the local car dealer and I overheard him ask for it to be checked out.  I heard him say that he was expecting to do some desert driving so the cooling system had to be up to par.  Desert Driving?  I was hoping we weren’t going back to the Salton Sea!  I left some unhappy critters there. 

I figured I might want some money of my own so I went to the ATM to pull out some cash.

This person said he needed the money more than me so I gave it to him.

This nice policeman and his dog, disagreed and I got my money back.

The day came, I had my money, and we packed the car. We set off for places unknown to me.  Another adventure for us in the great wide world.

We made it just over 100 miles when we met this nice man.

Unfortunately he was driving this tow truck.

Maybe the fine print at the dealer said the cooling system was only good for 100 miles or less.

        I had my friend with the tow truck take our car to James, who is fixing the car.  He was smiling a lot more that Rick did when he saw what I saw on the clipboard.

Rick called the dealer and they were very helpful and provided a replacement car right away.

The key didn’t fit in the ignition so we visited this man at Enterprise rent a car.  He was really helpful and got us back on the road right away. 

Not all of that is true.  The car did overheat but the dealer has yet to offer us any help.  Enterprise did fix us up so we could continue the trip.

        This trip wasn’t starting out too well.  We needed a bit of sunshine to brighten our day.  We headed east in our new car and stopped at Lake Tahoe.  Rick’s friend Jon has dragged him up there on a few occasions for a fun, de-stressing lunch.  That was just what we needed.  I saw the paddlewheel at the dock and wondered if that was going to be part of the surprise trip.  Maybe Millie would be on the lake with her jet ski.  Last time she was with “That Guy”.

No such luck, after we regrouped and had lunch, we headed east again.  Where are they taking me?

Bubba’s Portrait

     Bubba has been increasingly obsessed with finding the little person he first saw in a garden in Paris who he refers to as “The Girl”. While we were preparing for another trip, Bubba just roamed around looking for the girl. Bubba came up with an idea and I’ll let him explain it to you.

     I had to do something to find “The Girl”. I think she is out there somewhere. I even feel she must be looking for me. I suddenly got a flash of inspiration. During my travels, I saw how people get their faces out there so they could become well known. We saw this guy in Nice, France. He had his picture painted and became Emperor of France.

     This guy in Florence, Italy, stuck himself up on a horse in the square and before you knew it, he owned the place.

     I decided to find the best artist in the world to paint my portrait.  I searched high and low and interviewed dozens of candidates.  Then I found the greatest painter that exists today . . . Millie.

     I sat in the chair and she started right away painting my portrait.

     She wouldn’t let me look at the painting but she had a look of total concentration.

     She sketched out the basics.

     Then she picked me up so she could fill in the details.

     When she showed me the finished portrait, I fell over in my chair I was so impressed.

     The portrait now sits for all to see.

     When I told her why I was getting the painting done, she grew interested and asked me to describe “The Girl”.  She is about one and three quarters of an inch tall, brown hair, black eyes, and smooth yellow skin.  Her measurements are 2-1/2, 2-5/8, 2-5/8.  Millie said she sounded familiar and that she remembered “The Girl” because her name was Millie too.

     Is The Girl’s name really Millie?

        Millie Velasco is truly a talented artist.  We asked her to pretend to draw Bubba’s picture and she jumped right into the spirit of things, completing the portrait.

        She has produced some very impressive works, some of them using wine as a pigment.  Her work can be seen at

Bubba’s Mystery Trip

     Bubba came home from Palm Springs exhausted.  We were well rested and ready for another trip.   Bubba had plenty of ideas where he wanted to go but we already had our own ideas.  

     Oh boy!  Another trip!  They won’t tell me where we are going, they say it is a surprise.  I asked what to wear, and they won’t give me any suggestions.  I asked if I should bring swim wear or an overcoat.  Rick just stared openmouthed.  I asked if I needed a tux or shorts.  Rick correctly pointed out that I have one shirt that is molded into me and I really don’t have pants.  He’s right, it doesn’t matter.  
     I am playing Sherlock Holmes and looking at the clues.  Rick took the car in to get checked.  That means a road trip.  He specifically asked them to check the air conditioning and cooling systems.  Does that mean a hot climate?  Spider bought some water and lots of snacks.  I think that means a lot of driving.  

     A little more packing and preparation and we will be off.    I think we will let Bubba guess.  He needs a little mystery in his life.