More Mendocino

        Bubba continues his tale of his trip to Mendocino on the Northern California Coast.

        Cliff dancing turned out to be a little too scary, and there were strange beasts inland, so I thought I might take in a beach and do a little swimming in the surf.  I found out that there are strange creatures lurking in the waters, too.  This many-tentacle beast reached out to grab my foot.  Luckily I was much faster…well…it didn’t move at all.

Maybe driving would be a better bet.  I picked up a new beach buggy and headed off along the cliff edge.

The lane was pretty narrow and a bit rough, especially at the fence posts, so I drove down to do some sand driving.  Racing in and out of the water and kicking up sand I had a great time.


I don’t think the rest of the people using the beach liked my driving.  In fact, this guy had quite an angry face, but that might have been because he beached his watercraft. 

WAIT!!      THAT GIRL!!       IS IT???

She’s here in California!!!  I cranked the steering wheel and by the time I quit spinning, they managed to get back out to sea. 

I’ll keep looking.

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