Lost at the Salton Sea

     Bubba ran off towards what he thought were big fans but were, in fact, wind turbines.  He became lost in the desert.

     I wandered for days until I finally found civilization.  Look!  Wonderful lakefront property!  What a price!  What a view!

     I found a used car lot and bought a nice buggy that, for some reason, looked familiar.  I thought I would go for a spin to see the Salton Sea.

     This spot had a great boat ramp and a yacht club.  They will build a dock later when the yachts arrive, I guess.

     It is a great lake with plenty of fish of a species that swim slowly on their backs, belly up.  People here are very generous, too, and leave spare car parts laying around in case someone needs them. 

     The yacht club put up this elaborate security fence to protect the yachts when they come, after they build the dock.  I headed off to see the rest of this paradise.  I had a great time driving in the sand but felt like I was being followed.


     I leapt out of the car and turned on the beast.  This one was worse than the one in Mendocino.

     I faced the beast and put up a brave and desperate fight.  He beat a hasty retreat, zooming off into the sand dunes.  I won…sort of.

     I hoofed it back towards town.  I was eventually rescued by a hearty band of explorers who treated me to a tasty beverage and listened to my tales of adventure.  They are movie stars, right?

     I went downtown to try and find some more celebrities.  Right off the bat, I saw that famous race car driver going by in his sporty red car.

     And isn’t that the famous couple they call Brangolia or Bradgolina or something?

     And that beautiful actress that is in all the tabloids.

     I went to the street fair that night and had a great time.  I have to apologize for the next picture.  I was trying to get a photo of the last Governor of California (I think) sitting in a chair and this distinguished looking guy kept getting in the way.  I have no idea who he is.

     When I left home, Rick and Spider were packing.  If they are heading out, I’ll hitch a ride with them.

     Let’s see where the next trip will take us.

Sun and Celebrities in Palm Springs

     Bubba packed his suitcase and hit the road.  After the coast, he opted for someplace warmer.  He chose…Palm Springs.  Palm Springs is a nice, sunny location for people to visit during the cold winter months.  September?…well it is in the desert and that is still summer. 

        I heard Palm Springs is a playground of movie stars and famous peopleI bought a camera so I may catch a few of the notables in their wild habitat.

    Right away at the airport, I found some celebrities.  I whipped out my camera and got the shot like an experienced paparazzi.   Coming off the plane was whats-her-name, the actress.

     Those are her legs at least.  Maybe I need some more practice.  But then I saw the whole cast of that new HBO series.

     I think I’ll put the camera away until I’ve learned to use it.  I checked into the hotel and Robert took my suitcase up to my room.

     I unpacked and went out by the pool.  Maybe there will be more movie stars.

     As you may know, I am an Olympic class swimmer and diver.  I went straight to the deep end and dove in. 

     I guess it is all deep end to me.  I had a little trouble with the chlorine in the pool and couldn’t see too well.  I ended up going too deep.  I was rescued and loaned a pair of goggles by these ladies (I think they are the cast of Charlie’s Angels).

     Maybe I should take a pass on swimming and sun myself instead.  I pulled up a deck chair and relaxed.

     We warned Bubba about the hot desert sun.  It can be dangerous to fall asleep by the pool.  We suggested sunscreen but Bubba says all that stuff about too much sun is just made up, and there are scientists who agree.  I think he learned the truth.

     I got a little over heated.  Plastic doesn’t tan well.  In a panic, I saw a fan in the distance and ran outside to cool off. 

     I cooled off alright, but now I was lost. 

                                                                                   LOST IN THE DESERT!!!

Ready To Go, Again

     Bubba thought Mendocino was nice but a little too cold.  He complained that the girls on the beach were wearing boots, long pants, and big coats while the ones on the beach in France were wearing…none of that.  He has been growing restless and saying we need to go to someplace warmer.  Someplace like Monaco where the famous people hang out.  I’m not sure what he has in mind but I did catch him packing.


Kind of makes you wonder what a guy like him puts in his suitcase.  Give us a week and we’ll let you know.

More Mendocino

        Bubba continues his tale of his trip to Mendocino on the Northern California Coast.

        Cliff dancing turned out to be a little too scary, and there were strange beasts inland, so I thought I might take in a beach and do a little swimming in the surf.  I found out that there are strange creatures lurking in the waters, too.  This many-tentacle beast reached out to grab my foot.  Luckily I was much faster…well…it didn’t move at all.

Maybe driving would be a better bet.  I picked up a new beach buggy and headed off along the cliff edge.

The lane was pretty narrow and a bit rough, especially at the fence posts, so I drove down to do some sand driving.  Racing in and out of the water and kicking up sand I had a great time.


I don’t think the rest of the people using the beach liked my driving.  In fact, this guy had quite an angry face, but that might have been because he beached his watercraft. 

WAIT!!      THAT GIRL!!       IS IT???

She’s here in California!!!  I cranked the steering wheel and by the time I quit spinning, they managed to get back out to sea. 

I’ll keep looking.