No Tech Bubba

     We last left Bubba in a perilous situation.  A young lady who briefly entered his life sent him on a search through Paris.  Bubba met the Paris Police, and not in a good way.  He had to be rescued by friends from Paris and California and, as a result, was deported.  Bubba wanted to continue his story but, as will happen, the computer got in his way.

          Screens flashed in many colors.  Boxes popped up with warnings about corrupted things and a dozen letters-dot-some-more-letters that I didn’t understand.  One message said I must “reboot” the computer.  I don’t know who saw me kick it the first time but I tried it again.

I tried plugging and unplugging cords, but one of the cords took on a life of its own and decided to reboot me.

All that happened was this picture got stuck on the screen.

I tried calling Tech support.  I had some trouble at first because it told me to “Press 1”.  I tried and tried and nothing happened.  I even rebooted 1 with no result.

The nice calm recorded voice told me to go to their website and look for solutions and if they didn’t work, call back.  It then hung up on me.  MY COMPUTER DOESN’T WORK.  I CAN’T GO TO YOUR STINKIN’ WEBSITE!!!!


Finally I did get a real live person.  She told me what to do and I described what was happening.  I don’t know what happened but something worked and the computer came back to life.

Now that the problem is fixed, Bubba can continue his story from when he arrived in New York.  Will he find his pretty Plastic Partner?  Will he survive in the Big Apple?  Bubba is typing as we speak.

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